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What They're Saying About Roy Furr

Tim Alwell

Copywriter & Copywriting Coach — 
Clients & Community

Joshua Lee Henry

Financial Copywriter,
Owner — Activate Advertising Agency

Perry Marshall

Best-Selling Author & Internationally-Recognized Authority on Marketing & Business

Kevin Mao PT, DPT

Owner & Doctor of Physical Therapy —
Balance and Body Restoration

Chris Wright

Chris is a top copywriter and founder of YourConversion.Partners, an agency creating winning campaigns for 7-, 8-, and 9-figure direct response businesses.  He was also one of my first coaching clients, and I was his first copy coach.  Here's an interview I did with Chris recently about all things copywriting, marketing, and entrepreneurship — starting with our work together and its impact on him.

Here's What You Need to Know
About CopyMentor

If you want to rapidly accelerate your path to copywriting mastery and career success, CopyMentor is created for you...

CopyMentor helps you become a better, more successful copywriter through...
  • DIRECT FEEDBACK on your copywriting and marketing
    Specific advice for YOU, based on where you're at right now
  • CAREER & BUSINESS ADVICE catered to you
    Helps you get paid more, faster
    Helps you do the work and be your best self!
CopyMentor is your opportunity to get ALL 3 — direct feedback, business advice, and accountability — directly from Roy Furr, based on his success in copywriting, marketing, and entrepreneurship since 2005.

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Step 3: Next Steps

If it makes sense, we'll schedule a second longer call to discuss Next Steps and getting started with CopyMentor.

More Praise for
Roy Furr's Work With Copywriters

Patrick Riddle

Founder & CEO —
Awesome REI

Shiv Shetti

Copywriter & Co-Founder —
Copywriting Mastery Program

Vitaly Grinblat

Financial Copywriter —
Money Map Press

"Roy is not just a great copywriter but now an industry leader as well.."

Brian Kurtz
Founder, Titans Marketing

"OK final results: from 2.85% to 4% cold traffic conversion. Well done!"

Ben Simkin
Australia's #1 Facebook Expert

"Our recent growth would not be as substantial without Roy’s skills."

Jeff Short
as President, CBT Nuggets

"Use Roy’s techniques and you’ll see a lot more cash coming to you almost immediately."

Mark Ford
Partner in 9-figure direct response business Agora, Inc.
Best-selling author under the pen name Michael Masterson
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