FREE Exclusive Web Class from Roy Furr

An Action Plan for
Getting Copywriting Clients
There's a proven path to getting copywriting clients, and getting paid.
Whether you're looking to score that next BIG client, or simply get your first gig,
this is the action plan to follow.
During This Limited-Time Replay You'll Discover:
The Right Kind of Copy
What kind of copywriting pays best? The simple answer to this question makes it so much easier to get big fees...
The Right Offer
How can you make it easy for clients to say "YES" and give you money? Here's what makes a great offer...
The Right Way to Get Clients
Follow this process, and you'll soon be having conversations with your best prospective clients...

Featuring: Roy Furr

Top Copywriter & Founder of Breakthrough Marketing Secrets

Private Replay

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Through Sunday, February 27th
@ 11:59 PM US Central Time
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